Projects I Sport I Kalmius Arena

Contemporary multifunctional arena for 15.000 spectators and two ice courts, in Donetsk, Ukraine

Location:         Donetsk, Ukraine


Size / Area:     75.000m²


Year:               2013/2014

Kalmius Arena is a contemporary multifunctional arena with approximate area of 75.000 sqm and depending on type of use can accommodate more than 15.000 spectators. Arena has two ice courts and will be mainly used for ice hockey and other ice sports. Besides the biggest local ice hockey club, Donbass, it will be also used by other parties and civilians.  Main court can be transformed and used for other sports as well. Therefore it was foreseen as one of the competition facilities for FIBA 2015 Euro basket.


Besides sport events, arena also has lots of other contents like: retail areas, different types of restaurants, kitchens, family zones, ice hockey museum, and even hotel areas to be mainly used by local ice hockey club.

Apart from general MEP services, our role was also ice technology design, which has been incorporated in overall design taking the advantage of using waste condensing energy in HVAC system, serving arena.


As humidity and condensation present great risk for arena environment, special attention was paid to this problem. Because of the significant height of the main arena court and spectator area, it was crucial that treated supply air is distributed adequately. For this series of CFD analysis iterations has been performed.